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At our age it is today, many even skin often appear. Not only the problem of acne, but also the problem of the pores of the skin, the skin is very oily or very dry. Fine lines are starting to look, and vlek black-vlek that makes the skin so it would not clear the alias dull. Long skin look so old fast.
To be young and beautiful skin on, should be treated continues from sekarnag. It is not enough * with cleaning or use a moisturizer every day, but it also needs extra care. Because the age of 20 as this is our moment penetu to the plight of our skin in old age later. Whether to stay young and stay pretty terawatt, or just the opposite?
Genetic factor is one of the factors that affect the skin condition. if our parents have good skin, we will inherit good skin, too. Conversely, if our parents have problems with his skin. It could also follow bermasalh our skin.
But we can not have parents who choose good or problematic skin. Inevitably we have to accept reality. But surely not let the condition that there is simply no effort to ‘repair’ at all.
For the lucky inherited good skin still need to attempt also to keep any kulit.sebagus treat our skin, it still can be damaged if our lifestyle is not healthy. The influence of climate, air pollution, often exposed to direct sunlight, alcohol, cigarette smoke, fatigue, not eating healthy, and less drinking water can be bad for the skin.

Skin that is never a break from the make-up every day also threatened premature aging. Especially towards the PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome), skin more vulnerable to a liquid so it looks more dull and not fresh.
Although now many types of skin treatments available, none of the skincare instant. Every skin care is certainly needed a process that takes not a moment. So do not expect to get beautiful skin in just a matter of days.
Diligent bath and wear body lotion every day is not enough to relax the skin. Skin still need regular maintenance (at least 2 weeks) in order to return to normal conditions. So stress-free skin, get used to spend 10 minutes a day to massage the face and body.
Tepatakan massage blood circulation to the maximum, and make the skin look more radiant. We can do it as part of daily beauty rituals hari.misalnya wajahmenggunakan milk cleanser when cleaning or when applying a moisturizer in the morning. Do the chin kept memutardari movement upward toward the cheeks, nose, right down to the forehead.
To skin the body, do the massage starting from the legs, thighs, back up to the neck. After that, the body scrub to exfoliate the kulitmati and toxins.
Soaking in warm water that are mixed aromatherapy and essential oils (for approximately 45 minutes) helps moisturize skin and make the body relax. If it diligently, guaranteed skin will feel more refreshed and healthy.
Exercise regularly (ideally 3 times a week for 30 minutes – 1 hour) is recommended for kecantikan.selain improving blood circulation, exercise makes the body easy to ‘take’ more oxygen to improve hair texture and skin, and gives a healthy glow to the skin exercise routine also helps release endorphins hormone shingga our perspective to be more positive.


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