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Strategies Tips How To Know 15 Able Sexy

1. Smooth skin. Brown, yellow, tan or white, not the problem. The important thing is manicured and clean skin, both face and body. Clean face and apply moisturizer every day. As for the body, try to be diligent luluran or body scrubbing and apply a body lotion or body butter. Sexy Tips: Apply baby oil to the skin of the body.

2. Beautiful hair. Diligent exercise care (shampoo, hair cream bath or spa) at home or in the salon. Avoid limp hair, dull, especially bermunyak dandruff. Sexy Tips: Raise high your hair, then pigtail to the back, your neck look more levels and sections.

3. Lips chap. Although thick lips a la Angelina Jolie is identical to the section, does not mean you have thin lips can not look sexy. In essence, thin lips look sexy if things do not dry and glossy lips. Sexy tips: Apply a bright red lipstick for the evening event.
4. Expressive eyes. Eyes also can emit sexiness. Try flops eyelashes and mascara brush is quite thick. Apply eyeliner can make eyes more dramatic. Sexy Tips: Use false eyelashes, guaranteed you’ll be more sexy.

5. Beautiful Eyebrows. Eyebrows frame the face can be perfect. So do this one for granted. Tidy up the fine hairs under her eyebrows until more presentable. If eyebrows are too thin, just use the type eyebrows. Sexy Tips: Use a mascara half-dry, brush on brow hair.
6. Beautiful buttocks. This area is synonymous with one’s sexiness. But the wrong choice can make the clothes look too big butt or just too small. Refine buttocks form dengn pants or skirts that fit. Sexy Tips: Wear long tops that close butt (big butt) and superiors that reaches to the waist line (small buttocks).
7. Ideal Body Form. The result was not obtained in a short time must be patient and disipling-high. But the results are very good for health and make the body more beautiful and more sexy form of course. Sexy Tips: Sit-ups 100 times a day. Abdomen more slender and posture as you walk the better.
8. Seductive Perfume. Objects of this one was able to hypnotize people smell. Choose a perfume to suit your character. Avoid perfume that is too sting-not so sexy, actually make people around you dizzy because of the smell. Sexy Tips: Spray a little sharp-scented perfume or a little tease for evening or party. For a longer durability aroma you can read about it in my post about Wearing Perfume Tips For Long Lasting fragrance.
9. Cat Nails Beautiful. Got clean and manicured nails is a mandatory thing. To be more beautiful, not hurt, you put clear nail polish and white milk let down the nail does not look dull. Sexy Tips: Apply red nail polish on your nails jreng hands and feet do not just make the nail more sexy but makes the skin more bright.
10. Sexy Legs. Heels. This thing was a flash helps the body look taller than normal size. The higher their rights, the section of your feet. Tips Section: Choose footwear with a thin rope detail or shoes with pointed toes, can create beautiful semaki feet.
11. Accessories Sweet. Many accessories that can make you look more sexy. For example belts, dangling earrings-made neck look more level-or necklace that is used with an open collar shirt. Sexy Tips: Use a belt sized or large waist-to-right in your curves look more sexy.
12. Stocking Styles. Aside from being able to hide stains on the skin of the foot, dark-colored stockings can streamline your calves. Choose materials and sizes that fit comfortably to keep you moving freely. Sexy Tips: Use stockings with short skirts or pencil skirts, definitely more sexy.
13. Clothes optional. Clothes do the right weapon to change your appearance so sexy. No need to open, fitted clothes can be an option because it can form a more perfect body. Tips Section: Choose clothes from luxurious satin or chiffon that wave because it will make you more sexy.
14. Clothes In Stock. Although invisible, underwear can affect your appearance and comfort. Choose the appropriate bra size, because if one can actually make a big patudara size becomes increasingly large, small or could look even smaller. Likewise, panties, select the size, materials, motifs and colors that match the clothes would you wear. Sexy Tips: Select bodysuit underwear model, because it can make your curves are beautiful.
15. Colors & Motifs. Color can enhance the section for your appearance. Select only dark colors, like black, dark gray, dark brown or colors such as red or gold lure on clothes, accessories or lingerie. For motifs, you can choose floral motifs, abstracts or animal skin, for you who dare to be different. Tips Section: fitted black dress paired accessories (belts, handbags or shoes), animal skin patterns (leopard or zebra)


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