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Dental care is the effort made to keep teeth healthy and can perform its functions. A healthy tooth is teeth clean without any holes.
But not only that, healthy teeth will also emit positive energy so that the owner had become very interesting.
Once the importance of human teeth so the teeth need to be treated with care. Here the importance of dental care, among others:

Gigi is one of the important organs of digestion. Teeth used to chew food before entering the digestive tract. If the gear was down, will also disturbed digestive processes.Dental problems can interfere with daily activities.Untreated tooth infection that can cause other illnesses, such as:Heart and blood vessel diseaselungsugarstrokecancerTime food is still in the teeth causing excessive bacterial activity so that the mouth of the less savory odor.Dental also serves as a beauty. Gigi is another component in the beauty of the body other than skin, skin, eyes, lips, etc.. Therefore, everyone wants to have a charming smile with healthy teeth.
Ways to Dental Care
Caring for teeth need to be done as early as possible. The steps undertaken in the care of teeth is as follows:

Brush your teeth at least 2 times a day.Replace toothbrush 3-4 months. Choose a toothbrush with soft bristles brush head that can reach all parts of the tooth.Do not forget to brush the tongue, which is a gathering place for the bacteria that can cause bad breath.Use toothpaste that includes the ADA to ensure adequate fluoride content to prevent cavities and tooth decay.Use mouthwash.Dental floss, dental floss once daily use is recommended to remove the plaque that can not be touched toothbrush and mouthwash.Sugarless gum, chewing sugarless gum to increase saliva flow that can clean particles and acidic foods cause tooth decay.Avoid foods that contain lots of sugar and sweet, like syrup, candy, and chocolate.Drinking water after eating.Get used to eating fresh fruits. In addition to good health, fiber can help remove dirt on the teeth.Eat a balanced diet rich in calcium, like milk, cheese, eggs, anchovies, spinach, katuk, mustard greens, and agar-agar.
Consultation to Dentists
In fact, dental care is done in person (brushing teeth, etc..) Is not enough. Dental care also requires a professional, especially on sensitive teeth or teeth that have already suffered damage, for example, cavities.Check every 6 monthsTherefore, it is advisable to check the teeth to the dentist regularly every 6 months. Consultation to the dentist is required to obtain dental treatment stages, especially at a problematic tooth.Adhere to schedule maintenanceIf dental problems, do not forget to ask your doctor consequences which may arise from the actions of the dentist. Adhere to the treatment schedule. Do not go to the dentist only when they feel sick tooth due to delays in treatment can cause more serious disease.

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