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How to live frugally according sunzie

    LIFE MOVEMENT Frugality

    Power statement: Frugality = EARN
    (Because outside money but instead should be saved, let alone be invested!)

    BE CAREFUL … .. Little stuff means a lot (a little too long into the hill)
    Often we do not feel out of money to buy cigarettes, buy a snack or just coffee-coffee. Chat, play games online, etc. Naturally, if we forget for a small amount and has become a habit. The danger is that a daily habit, we forget that the little amount of calculation in a year if we are so large in number as well.

    including my first, like buying fried (day can RP. 3000) but are now aware, in addition to healthy kaga sore throat can also make money saved aja … now, quite a month to Rp. 90,000, – could create a more useful …

    PROHIBITED extravagant!
    Including extravagant for yourself you know ..)

    1.Buat limits on yourself.
    Why do not you try to limit the spending of your own and try to comply with these limits? You can try to make the Family Expenditure Budget and tried to adhere to that budget. Remember that one point in making a budget is to limit yourself in spending money.
    For example, if you routinely buy new clothes every month, say USD 200 thousand per month, then make a budget of – say – USD 250 thousand per month to buy new clothes every month. Regarding the level of the budget numbers will come back to you, because each person is different. You’ve called wasteful if you are spending more than they should, or exceed the limit you set yourself.

    Easy 2.Jangan interested in seeing a product just because it’s good stuff.
    Do not worry, not only you who like hungry eyes. Sometimes I also often hungry eyes, and it is humane. The difference is, there are people who can control the hungry eyes, and some are not. There are lots of good stuff in the store, but please know, if you can not control your hungry eyes, you will continue to buy, but your money may be limited.
    No one can handle your hungry eyes, except your own. Not me, not your friend, not your family, but your own. It’s useless if you have a budget you are still too often hungry eyes. So, control your hungry eyes.

    Easy 3.Jangan interested in seeing an item just because the item is discounted.
    No matter what discount, if you do not need these things, why you should buy? A sale and purchase of goods should occur because of the need, not because of the discount, regardless of whether the amount of such discounts.
    Clothes are usually worth USD 100 thousand not mean to be bought just because the price is discounted to USD $ 20 thousand, right? The important thing here is, whether you need the goods, not by whether the item is discounted or not. Remember that the discount is made for your purchase. True or not?

    Large income is very small relative to the adequacy in meeting the needs and desires that exist. Big income does not guarantee SURE ENOUGH
    and a small income is not necessarily inadequate.

    Simple living does not mean living in poverty
    simple living means living in accordance with ability and wisdom of God

    SAVE Fund Envelopes for wedding receptions, know that the envelopes and gift giving is not a necessity. Perhaps you are surprised to read it, but it’s true. Why is that? If you attend a wedding reception, you know what to fear most married couples and the committee that held a wedding reception? Guess what: they fear most is that there are no guests. That is, they really do not care if you give the envelope or not. They are much more happy to see your face at the wedding reception, than the envelope you provided. This is because as a couple who just got married, they want the party lively
    Do not hesitate to reduce the amount of the contents of your envelope if it was too big; Often, if a married (or married families) it is a person who has a big hand in our career or our family (like family, our boss or our husband’s boss), then we tend to provide an envelope with a large amount of money. But when that marriage is one of our offices is lower than our office, had no effect on our careers and income may be lower than we are, we tend to give the envelope in small amounts. Though logic, bride whose income is less than we were obviously more in need than the children we are married boss who was more prosperous than we

    SAVE Cost Clothing & accessories
    Buy because you need! Ensuring quality over quantity!, Many of us are happy and proud when can buy cheap goods. For clothing & accessories attached on your body, there’s nothing wrong if you choose clothing & accessories more qualified, even though the price is slightly more expensive. My friend for example, loves to choose clothes from the price. He thought, that with cheap price, he can buy three to five things at once. Good hell. But the cheap stuff is not necessarily good quality, right? Sure enough, after the clothes are bought and used two or three times he began to feel uncomfortable with the material she was wearing clothes. Already, newly washed several times, the color of his clothes so quickly faded. You could just wear your old clothes, as long as you play a smart switch or a combination thereof. Thus, the purchase of new clothing and accessories can be reduced, and automatically you also become more efficient right?
    Clever-pandailah do a combination, To look attractive in appearance, you do not need to have a clothing & accessories in very much. All you need do is simply to learn to combine colors and models of clothing & accessories you already have. You could just wear your old clothes, as long as you play a smart switch or a combination thereof. Thus, the purchase of new clothing and accessories can be reduced, and automatically you also become more efficient right?
    Find a cheaper elsewhere, you liked to find clothing & accessories at the mall? Excellent, because here there is usually a lot of variety selection. But has it ever occurred to you to find these items in other places that provide low prices?

    Spread the VIRUS SAVINGS !!!!!

    Another way of Routine Monthly Cost Saving (Electricity, Water, Phone)
    Pake AUTO TIMER !!!!! which have been included on the remote, a tau-rich Bli plugs it, Replace your air conditioner or Exhaust Fan, lock your phone whenever necessary, Stop-ngidul chat around on the phone, Switch off the lights or electronics when not in use, Avoid melubernya water when filling the tub …

    that wherever you go, there are many people in sekililing you’re trying to fight for your money.

    Tightly Hold Your Wallet
    So my advice to you, wherever you go, wherever you are, and whatever your position, hold tightly to your wallet. Because anyone who is around you are the seller. They are trying (with a variety of ways that are sometimes quite creative) to compete for the money in your wallet. If you are not careful with money in your wallet, do not be careful using your Debit Card, careful not to use your Credit Card, and do not carefully manage your expenses, money that you have hard-earned so far will exhausted.

    So, be careful in using the money for every person in your sekililing is basically a seller who is selling something to you and try to get your money.

    sory salesman! It’s just critical thinking aja … sorry ya ..
    this from our perspective as a customer lo .. GBU

    How to give Allowances for children?
    1. Adjust the amount of pocket money with your income, how does the amount of pocket money should be given? Just ask directly to your child. This usually will at once teach the child that he should spend his money as the need exists, not solely because of his desire.

    2. Teach that: Allowances child does not mean to spend all. dong tube strength were compared.

    3. Teach Self-reliance in managing her pocket money, independence in managing money does not come just like that. It had to be studied. The earlier study, the more good for the child. Well, self-reliance in managing money can be started from independence in managing pocket money she has received. How you can do is to give pocket money weekly or monthly.

    That way, the child will inevitably learn to manage pocket money, because after all the pocket money he acquired only once, namely at the beginning of each week or the beginning of the month, to then be managed for a week or month ahead. Make sure also that you will not tolerate extra pocket money if weekly or monthly allowance has been exhausted. Unless, indeed, for reasons of urgency.

    Thus, at least when he grows up later, he was accustomed to and know how to manage the salary, which usually also will he get once a month.

    Spread the VIRUS SAVINGS


    Actually there are many ways you can do to make savings, to fund your GSM communication does not create a pocket collapsed. In what ways are they?

    Let’s look ..
    Even if you use prepaid or postpaid cards, you still have to carefully manage expenditure and type in your communication. Instead you have to fast because of the money goes to buy credits? Sure, all the operators offer a competitive tariff scheme and cheap, but whether that rate is right for you? For that, first identify the type and character of your communication, who knows there are mobile operators who are fit and really fits with everything you need. So rather than sorry, you should read the following tips:

    1. Know Your Community
    Most operators offer cheaper tariffs that apply only to relations among operators only. So for example you have friends, relatives or relations that use a lot of sympathy, but you yourself make use of Sun. So you better change the number or purchase a new phone which is specifically used to contact fellow sympathy. And vice versa. Thus, your credit spending can be reduced.

    2.Suka Just Call or SMS?

    If you prefer to call, you should find the cheapest telephone rates, both for communication among different operators or operator. If necessary, add one more special mobile phone is used for communication, yet now the price of new phones are very expensive baseball right? Others again if you are more like to communicate using SMS. Each operator must have a second layer of specialized products used for SMS communication. You just know your community, then select SMS rates that best fit for you.

    3.Pilih Opeartor Who Owns Refills Economical

    Chat or SMS was indeed exciting, but that makes us dizzy rate it is charging. Well, now you have to find refill rates of the most fitting dikantong. If I need to find the service that provides a nominal refill the smallest and least expensive. But it all went back to the community considerations and the type of communication. There are many choices, each operator offers a variety of refill rates, like the example on the island of Java, Sun and XL which offers toll 10,000 with the price of 10,000 rupiah, then Sympathy pulse release them with a price range 10 000 11 500 s / d 12 500 rupiah. By using the above considerations,

    4.Perhatikan Call Time

    If you are basically people who like to chat around-ngidul, then you’ll want to select a carrier that provides service to talk cheap. Typically, this service applies only to the same operator, and is usually determined by a certain hour rates. For example, the sympathy that offers economical rates at night, Sun with her great-5, and XL with saving rates for 10 numbers listed. Or you also can choose a flat rate service, such as those offered by the U.S., XL Free and IM3. All terpulang of your needs. If you prefer to chat tonight, please select the cheapest fare operators, since all operators have provided most of the chat service cheap night. To speak in the afternoon, you can use the sun, the XL-Free, or other operators who have different service rates that are cheaper.
    *) There are hp (nokia 1200, I bought 385ribu) which can be set to ask want to talk how long (eg 01 m, enit) before push the CALL button / phone
    hp symbian or if you can find similar programs, such as the minute minder, etc.)

    5.If you just Receiving Phone
    We recommend you choose a product that has cellular longest grace period, and is equipped with the most extensive coverage. If you live in a big city, simply choose one of two factors above. If you live in a small town, is a broad range of factors that you should make an absolute reference.


    I did this first, but now still not as intense first-seh …

    1. Say selling cakes or drinks in school canteens, fitness clubs, shops etc … we put / fit our toll roads to the office, home office fitted afternoon we learned … hehe

    2. I bought tisue roll a ball (100 grain), then I sell unit or five of the abang-abang pecel catfish or merchant bakmie … usually I kanvaskan night between 7-9 hours a night, fitted home office

    3. if you have the skills, can be sold, for example I created a program (software) for small businesses and
    There maintenancenya per month … imagine if there are 10 clients and each client every month to pay 100ribu aja …. or for an intimate ama child, could you less or join Bimbel business ama …

    Another way of additional search and real halal
    1. TTS content in the newspaper / magazine that gives cash prizes or goods
    2. for articles (writing, short stories, etc.) and send to the magazine / publisher.
    3.sediakan substitute for queue service
    (Eg, pay PLN, WATER, TELEPHONE, deposited MONEY DIBCA, etc.)
    4. that’s easy to sell goods sold
    (Example T-shirts, shirts, key holders, hats, stickers, etc.) whose capital is not from us.
    – If not a broker / seller information eg if some people need something km able to provide what is needed with no commission agreement
    5. hp for selling vouchers must have a hp temen2 km
    6. selling services / expertise you, Klo champion in the field of accounting, can help nyusunin company’s financial statements (can be company-owned temen, ato Sodara even belong to anyone else who you do not know if you feel very confident). good mandarin language / english? – You may also be a translator or services translate documents.

    7.jasa distributed brochure / flier to homes

    name is also a business, let me slow an important end result … if want cepet rich?
    wah .. tuh danger, do not be my friend … he’s rich soccer betting, now even poorer because less big plus … hehe


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