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Nail Care Tips

Caring for Nails-Nails The Beautiful

From all parts of our bodies, maybe the nail is the most overlooked in treatment. In fact many simple ways we can do yourself without having to go to a salon to do the manicure. Consider the following tips that may be useful in the treatment of your nails beautiful.

Who Can Do;

– Keep your nails at all times free from nail polish to make it “breathe.”
– Put the hand or body cream on the skin near the kitchen, and put on after washing hands or dishes.

– Better wear gloves while you do housework or gardening, and rub your hands with hand or body moisturizer before put it into the glove.

– Apply olive oil on your nails whenever you have time to sustain her.

– Enter enough calcium and vitamin D in your diet everyday to strengthen nails.

– Save the manicure equipment in an enclosed place to protect the germs that can cause infection.

– Create a long nail in the sun or swim for too long can make your nails dry. This can be overcome by keeping nails and cuticles with moisturizing.

– Before doing the dirty work, such as dusting or gardening, first plug the nail into the soap bar. It is useful to prevent dirt embedded in the nail and also makes it easier to clean.

– To make a long-lasting nail polish, when about to bathe soften with a little cream on the skin.

– If the nails brittle and easily broken or torn, make nails remain moist.

Never Done;

– Do not use nails to do the job that only a pair of scissors, such as pulling straples.

– Do not cut your nails short if you have.

– Never cut your cuticles with scissors.

– Do not wash clothes or equipment with hot water.

– Do not mengigiti nails.

– Do not clean your nails with sharp objects – use a nail brush to clean.

– Do not use your hands to get in touch with detergent for too long.

– Do not remove nail polish with a sharp object, you should use a liquid nail polish remover.

From the above tips, you can maintain your beautiful nails more carefully. Maybe once a month you can visit the salon for a manicure, but if you do not have time, there’s no harm in their own care.


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