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Procedure How to Create Passport

Prosedur Cara Membuat Paspor

The procedure how to make a passport for those who wish to travel abroad. Please note the procedures for passports and how to take care of these passports are valid when this article is made. It could change at any time ..
It should be noted also that each immigration office handling procedures may have a slightly different passport. The steps in detail how to manufacture the passport can be listened to below ..
Procedure How to Make PasporAda two ways to apply the manual and online. If you want to take care of your passport online then you should visit the site and do http://www.imigrasi.go.id filling online data first, then went to the immigration office.
That it should be noted while filling online is that you must choose Kanim (immigration office) which you choose, if you choose in South Jakarta, then you have to process the documents in South Jakarta. If you bring to the office in central Jakarta then it must be rejected!
Prepare a copy of the following documents:

ID card (copy must be in A4 paper, do not cut!) And original ID card must be taken during registration.
Family Card
Birth Certificate / Diploma
Proof of online registration (if choosing how online)
Original corporate sponsor letter (if you work at a company)
Make sure your document is complete and meets the requirements, several conditions must be fulfilled, which include:

Documents must be in the form of printed letters, if still a handwriting should be replaced first in the village.
Make sure that you input job status in a similar petition with the status on the family card and ktp, if not then required a statement from the municipality regarding the status of your current job.
After that bring the above documents to the intended Kanim. Step on the first day, buy one packet (letter of application, Passport Covers and Folders) is Rp. 7000, -, have also stamp to mail a statement or a copy can be purchased at places nearby. Please note the above map and some form Kanim name on it. For example, South Jakarta, when you bring it to the West Jakarta folder then you should purchase a new folder in West Jakarta. Unfortunately, so make sure your choice.
Check ID cards at a cost of Rp. 5.000, – (do this procedure before the queue register), then take and fill out an application.
Queuing for enrollment, this is a process that takes a long time given the queue is quite long. Between the manual and online differentiated loketnya. My advice is choose the online course because the number of queues less. Additional at the time this article was made Kanim only accept registration until 11 noon (his explanation was that they were not enough time to complete the documents all day, then it should be limited).
After the verification file and successfully approved you are given a sheet of the interview schedule. Contained about 3 or 4 days later. Should come on time and at a pre-determined in the interview schedule sheet.
– Back again after 3 or 4 days to interview and bring original documents from the files a copy of points 1-3 above.– Give evidence to counter an interview specified.– Make payment of passport, photo and fingerprints of Rp. 270 000, – to which 48 pages. Please note the current 24-page passport is only Rp. 50.000, – but, according to officers only for prospective migrant workers only.– Queued to take your photo and fingerprints.– Wait for an interview based on your queue number.– If accepted then you will be given a letter of decision on the day specified passport
Well done, the final stage, just come back after a day that is determined to retrieve her passport, and congratulations you have successfully completed the procedure passport! Total costs incurred for the care of your passport is about Rp. 282 000, –


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