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How many of you who like ama type of animal is this? Cute and easy maintenance make it a pet favorite of many people. Lack of knowledge makes some people are forced to regret that they are heavy because rabbits buy only lasted a few days it’s easy alias die, well i loved you guys going to tips and tricks on how to buy and care for rabbits so they can live healthy prosperous group for the beginner.

1. Places to buy
The first thing you notice is the place of purchase rabbits usually sold on the roadside is not, because so much is overheated and dehydrated rabbits maseh especially for small, should you buy a rabbit on a trusted site such as pet shops do have air conditioning or cool tuh come directly kepeternakannya like in the valley.

But if you had bought on the roadside there are tips to watch out for your first look penampilanya from the eyes, ears and hair indicate he was ill wistful eyes, the ears are always lethargic also indicate there is a problem, dirty fur (long display and lack of behavior) or if on hold fall ill omen. In addition to your physical appearance should also be observant look at his behavior should select a rabbit that looks active not only see the color that was silent in the corner could be sick and that silence with no hind legs folded under the abdomen (selonjoran) he could be diarrhea or in the case is often the case he got heat attack aka overheating.

Always buy a rabbit who was aged 5 months or more that are not easily die under five months should not be sold maseh feeding.
Know what you buy, remember that many kinds of rabbits when buying do not forget to ask how perawatanya or Should special things for rabbits that are purchased. Because buying angora rabbits certainly require a different treatment with normal rabbit (Dutch).

2. The first thing after buying
Yes it is definitely on the take home if you buy usually must make sure dikaseh cage cage in accordance with the large portions and lots of rabbits that you buy do not get cramped or crowded, if you came home with private vehicles like cars do not forget to turn on the AC to bring the rabbit with other cars for long distances (eg, home buying in the valley continue to Jakarta) is very high risk.

3. When at home
Arriving at the house you have to let go of the rabbit in an open space in the backyard recommend if not in the room can also, because the cage from the place of purchase is usually very narrow (for easy take home). And watered who says rabbits should ngak dikaseh drink? Just 5 months down the rabbit should not be dikaseh drink because his intestines had to endure in making their journey longer and dehydration.

4. Cage
Once at home you should never use a cage from the dizzy hare to place permanent workers in addition to small also not appropriate. You have two choices of outdoor and indoor cage if the number of rabbits that are purchased less recommended indoor cage like a dog or cat cage if a lot of you guys had to make a rabbit hutch outside.

Selection of type of cage is also seen if you buy angora rabbit is better because of clean indoor cages more secure so that the fur does not clot besides the temperature inside the house are also not as high outside, if its kind of like Fleming or rex are suggested to make a big cage outside the home also for he was freely moving.

Indoor cage suitable for one or two tail / rabbit expensive ornamental for easy clean up feces and you need to know piss smelly rabbit leaning so do not hold more than two tails in the house. Selection of indoor cages as well as more secure, especially when expensive type of rabbit can be taken if released or eaten by cats.
Now for my indoor cages have tips for your rabbit pooped and peed ngak carelessly in the house the way the rabbit kept in his cage a week do not forget to be comfortable in providing hay or scrap paper, never put food outside the cage put in it because he’ll think cage it as a nest. So even if you loose in the house if you want to eat and pee and the rabbit pup will only perform in the cage, remember that a rabbit will often pooped and peed shortly after eating.
For outside the cage you are advised to buy books about rabbits or cattle can be downloaded from the internet about how to make a rabbit cage, one thing to remember is do not ever make an outdoor enclosure which repose the ground directly, why? Because it will invite many diseases and rabbit be blurred because rabbits like to make a burrow and tunnel in the ground. Do not also given a base wire many people who mistakenly gave the base wire perforated for easy droppings falling ground, soft rabbit’s foot is not designed for walking on the wire he will be a lot of silence since his leg pain, which is either wood or bamboo but given a little distance for pee and pupnya could fall to the bottom should not also be too wide legs kejepit later.

5. Food
Rabbits eat what seh? Vegetables were definitely not fresh vegetables but remember many people who think well if given fresh vegetables one big rabbit! Why is because the water content in fresh vegetables very much this can make a rabbit diarrhea and death. The correct way is whatever vegetables you buy vegetables ditukang morning and sunbathe on the roof tiles are all in (or above the zinc / iron’ll quickly wilted) until softened slightly yellowish, fitting a new afternoon because you love the water levels would have decreased recall fed rabbits of the evening began at 6 to let the night resemble their native environment so they release the morning until late afternoon to night let them eat in cages. This is also for you to easily clean the cages and feces.

Besides vegetables, there is also another rabbit feed suppose you do not have time for drying vegetables, you can buy fish pellets at best, it is also easy 10ribu many tablets there are also special rabbit pellets are widely available in supermarkets or pet shops but they’re expensive 30ribu.
Well it easy tips and tricks in addition to the 5 things above in maintaining rabbit or other animal the most important thing is the commitment, do not let you hard in the beginning but lazy at the end because he was a part of pet family tips proven efficacious than the rabbits I have one year more old (though bought alongside a road), animals that are well maintained and properly in captivity have lived a longer time than in the wild.

Rabbits also are not dumb animals he would study the habits of their environment (as have I) if his master came home three rabbits I would have approached and likes to watch tv: p


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