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How to Care for Hamsters

Here are some tips for you who really care pingin hamsters. Animals This one is very funny and adorable emang deh. Here, there are a few tips for you who’ve not bear hamster care.
The first, of course, first you have to have money to buy tuh hamsters. In my region (Denpasar), the average price of Rp 25,000 Hamster-Rp 60,000. Depending on the type Hamsternya hell! Be sure you buy a cage. Cage (try to) big. Hamsters Masalahnyakan Kasian tuh kalo agile animal that small cage. Aquarium cage can be from a rectangular box, continue to be available in pet shops. The price ranges in Denpasar Rp 85.000-Rp 300,000. If you’re clever Nawar you can get at the bird market at Rp 65,000. Hahaha …
The second. You must sediain fine sand / sawdust without any chemical substance. This is for the base on Hamster cage. In addition to the base is also to absorb urine. If not there are certainly deh pooled urine. Continue as a sleeping pad if for example she has not slept at home (there is usually sold dikandang2 aja liat deh). Shelter from the heat and cold. Kasian dong kalo heat and cold. It is also to make a nest. Powder / Sand yes changed every week. Unfortunately later smell if not replaced. Thickness can be from 2cm to 4 cm.
The third. Deng-deng … About the food Hamster. Hamsters are Omnifora who eat everything whether it’s good, not bad, dangerous, or unhealthy. Hamsters do not want to die dong kalo cuman gara-gara eat mosquito repellent that you plug in the room. So do not dikasi Hamster food carelessly yes. Nicholas is quoted on hamster food from (www.kaskus.us)
Hamster Food
The best hamster food to date remain held by hamster foods manufactured imports. Even so you also must remain vigilant and more careful again in choosing where imported food is good. Some imported foods contain too much dye, too many sunflower seeds or other materials that can hurt the hamster itself. Some types of fruits and nuts can be given once a week in limited numbers (very few!)
Some foods that can be given as a snack to the hamster: (Caution: This food is only given as a snack rather than a main dish because it can lead to nutritional imbalances, damage to the urinary system, diarrhea, and abnormalities in the process of pregnancy due to obesity)
Apples, Pears, Bananas, Carrots
Sweet corn (granting in large quantities can cause hair loss)
Potato (must be boiled first)
Peanut, Peanut skin, Cashew nuts, Almonds, Soybeans
White bread, Biscuits Crackers, Oatmeal, Corn Flakes

Foods that should not be given to the hamster:
Lettuce, Kang and all other green vegetables (Cai sim, spinach, kai lan, etc), Cucumber
The food should not be given at all to the hamster:
Oranges and citrus all nations
Food that has been given spice
Here are some common mistakes made by beginners hamster owner:
1.Memberi eat vegetables, carrots or fresh corn as the main meal menu. Believe me this will only hurt you! Digestion hamsters are not designed to digest foods that contain high humidity like this. If you do not believe, try to carefully state your hamster cage, is it always looks wet and dirty? This resulted from the provision of fresh vegetables that you provide every day! Try changing your hamster food menu with a more appropriate ie dry hamster food that you can find in pet shops or in supermarkets. In Indonesia, available several brands such as: Ultra Blend, XtraVital, Vitakraft, Hamsfood, Hagen, Minimal Goods, Hartz, Nutriblocks, and many others. You can just select them in accordance with the finances and the needs of your hamster.
Additional 2.Membeli sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds as a snack. “Hamsters I like sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds, other than that they did not eat anything else.” Perhaps you do not know if you love action is actually even kill your hamster. Sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds are one of the foods preferred by hamsters easy but giving resulted in large numbers in some cases including: obesity, lack of calcium so that the growth of bones and teeth become inhibited, abnormalities in the birth process (this is caused by a too high fat content on sunflower seeds.) The most frequent case is the latter, abnormalities in the birth process. These abnormalities result in miscarriage hamster babies that claimed the soul of the mother and her children. So be careful in feeding your hamster! Love does not mean to spoil!
3.Pemberian milk powder or liquid for human milk in hamsters. Some people do this and they complain that their hamster fur became thin and fall out. It has not been proven clinically but it’s better to prevent than to cure. Milk is formulated for human to human so it’s better not to be given to the animal. Use a special milk for the hamster! That’s much better. Besides giving this milk also did not show impressive benefits but routine feeding is even much trouble you.
4.Memberikan snack too much. Snack should be given only once a week, if too often … you must lose because the hamster has been purchasing food not consumed to the max. Just like small children who were given a choice between vegetables and his favorite cake, the hamster would prefer his favorite snack. But once again we can not feed chocolate cake every day as the primary food for our children right? Similarly, the hamster! Providing a snack too often will result in nutritional imbalances which have actually weighed and studied in particular by experts who were dispensing food hamsters. It definitely has a negative effect later on, especially when hamsters give birth and breastfeeding. If you feel ‘not stand’ and want to snack more than once a week, you can weigh the wise type of snack that you give. In accordance with the digestive system of the hamster that is less able to receive food with high humidity levels snack choose a ‘dry’ like beans, bread, biscuits, cereal and others. Was to give fruit once a week.
(Sorry If tataannya less neat!! T_Tv)
The fourth. Namely Drinks from Hamster itself. Hamsters get water from vegetables. If for example you are not too many vegetables make preparations ngasi kusus hamster drink bottles sold in pet shops. Oh yes do not forget. Hamster drinks water in cooking do not give tap water that still exist germs-bacteria. Bottle Cleaning also have to clean senangtiasa. Do not also provide human milk, give it milk hamsters. Oh yes the bottle should not leak. Kandangannya flood again later.
That the Fifth. Other tips.
1. Hamster Never was wet. It may still be bathed but do not get wet because the hamster is really very sensitive. If it already wet dry immediately. Hamsters that actually has a way to make bath loh.
2. Do male and female hamsters in one cage. Was predictable they would fight deh. Sure bet! So should be separated aja. To ngawinin slowly they fight aja kalo kalo dah first dikawinin do better yes! allowed.
3. Any questions leave comments! Aja pray can answer. Hehehe I just keep hamsters.
4. From ignorance List (www.kaskus.us)
1.Hamster dried under the sun. Hamsters are nocturnal animals. They are a nocturnal animal. In the wild they sleep during the day in a hole they could reach a depth of 10-20 meters below ground level and only come out at night to find food. So they do not need sunlight. Few enough … No need to ‘sun’.
2.Hamster washed with water. Hamsters are susceptible to water and humidity. Hamsters come from a dry desert area. If your hamster is healthy and in prime condition may get wet no problem, but if the conditions were declining exposed to water can mean death for them. Hamsters are wet should be dried immediately or they got the flu, then continued to pneumonia and ended in death. So do not take risks for this unnecessary action.
3.Memisahkan mother hamster of her babies. It sounds stupid but believe many people do not intentionally do this because they fear the gossip circulating about the ‘hamster-eating children’. Mother hamster healthy and quite familiar with the man will not take their children for no apparent reason! So do not separate the mother and her babies because the babies would die quickly from cold and do not get milk.
4.Hamster fall from a height. If your hamster is new, try to hold the hamster in a sitting position so if your hamster will fall not too high. This is the most common mistakes people make. Hamsters of the new arrivals are still familiar with you and with the environment and tends to jump suddenly. So you have to anticipate these things first.


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