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For the people of Indonesia, free-range chicken is not a foreign thing. Since childhood, we can see it every day. Although the current chicken major cities have rarely seen roaming free, it does not mean being extinct. On the outskirts of the town is still a lot of people keep chicken. Both cultivated seriously and also just to take advantage of pet food scraps that eman-eman if thrown away.
Chicken has good nutritional value. It also has a more distinctive flavor and delicious than the kind of broiler and layer chickens. Tough and elastic fibers characterize utamaya. In fact, each identical widths range chicken with foods that should diada pretender.
Chicken have privileges than others, among them: Chickens home more resistant to disease. Resistant and easy to adjust to the weather in Indonesia. The food is easy, even if the pet is given a rudimentary food remnants. Can be removed freely.
The main purpose of memlihara chicken is to take eggs, meat, and for developed breed. Chicken is also ready to raise her children alone when released free.
There are two ways to maintain free-range chicken, which is maintained with free detachable or diliarkan and the second term cultivated. Both have advantages and disadvantages.
Free range chicken is removed usually have a high level of immunity. We can save the cost of food. Because the chicken is fed during the morning will be released in the form of food scraps and extra bran taste. The rest will seek to eat their own chickens around the house. However, this method also has a flaw. Chicken is slow to grow more, because the level of mortality in chicks was relatively higher. When caring for too long, which means reduced productivity. We are less able to control the presence of chicken. So the possibility of missing prey and predator is higher.
Medium if we cultivate a manner certainly more grounded keunggulanya. Although there are certainly still shortcomings.
Chicken cages more easily controlled existence. We can speed up the population by way of each egg-laying chickens that we take and collect to be incubated together in a single breeding or incubators. IKT chicks do not have to parent. But can be separated and placed with the provision of electric light heat (for heating) and the appropriate food.
For a brief description and tricks to maintain free-range chicken will be discussed in another section.

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