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Tips on How to Select Candidate’s wife / wife / love match / Boyfriends & Criteria for Selecting a Good Life Couple

Aka Married a good mate only once a lifetime and we will continue to live together with people we choose as our wives and children who might we generate from the wedding. Choosing the right life partner is one of the most important part of life with many aspects and factors of selection criteria that must be calculated carefully. The girl or the widow all the same where you have to do enough exploration before going on to pursue higher degrees.
Error selecting a woman / girl / woman who we marry will have a negative impact on our quality of life in the future. Divorce is a very bad choice that can be taken when all the ways and means have been tried to create a good relationship did not work and can be dangerous if left unchecked.
Dating is one attempt to find the right life partner. Dating is either not doing what should be married couples. Marital relationship that should not even be a negative impact on the relationship after marriage or after marriage relationship with another girl.
Here is a Candidate Selection Criteria for a Good Wife:
1. To be honest with each other / Not Like Liar, Love And Faith
Where there are people who like being lied to. Choose a woman who can hold his words and will only lie for the sake of a positive family. If you would like to lie made dizzy as your wife later. Women who are loyal to you will always love you and will always be beside you wherever you go and in any conditions. Love also become very important, because love is a basic capital of the marital relationship is good and should have existed since the status is still dating.
2. Attractive appearance

Should you find a woman who from the physical you like but not as a result alter or grooming thick. Interesting is not necessarily pretty, cute, pretty, menor, sexy, cute, sweet, and so forth, but that does not make you hate if you see it. As much as possible find that if you predict the coming decades may still be able to make you smile happily when looking at his face. Do not forget with your own appearance when already married. Do not make the he ilfil and so hate you.
3. Devout Worship
This case is important for the future of your family. Your children will be guided more by the mother. If her mother no bener reckless behavior, then it could be imitated by children. Find a woman Shalihah / Solehah who can educate the children into pious man who have a certain character and influence you to serve better.
4. Clever / Smart
Do not look for soul mate or a village girl city girl who has the intelligence below average. Only the outer appearance are just good in the bedroom and can always be set and maybe we can bobongi, having an affair behind him, remarried / married, etc.. But the foolish woman who will not be able to help find solutions in times of need and may be confined for life with us because it must always be according to the husband. Smart wife who can help manage the household and may also help financial / melakuka family finances with a sideline or work.
5. Not Materialistic / Not the Girl matre
Cewe matre to sea emang bener aje that song. Do not just search for beautiful girls of course, but from his heart. A total of whatever money we can from work will not be enough to feed a wife does not know diuntung matre. It may be that when you have no money and decent jobs you would be left alone so alone with the children.
6. Calm / Stable Low And Emotions Can be Entertaining
Wife smiling, gentle, not like anger and stress is not easy to deal with life’s problems is a good wife. Prior to mating and during dating you must make an emotional observation, attitude and behavior. If your boyfriend’s easy to explosive anger and can not be changed should leave it. Living constantly scolded his wife will make you suffer. A good wife is istr who can entertain at a time when the ups and downs in various conditions of both the husband and against children. Select is also a loving family and our respective families.
7. Physical And Spiritual Health
Choose which in terms of physical and mental / physical and spiritual health wal’afiat. Select a healthy, bright, agile, strong, and not easily hurt. In terms of fertility was also important if you want to have offspring. If you are unsure then you should do both during premarital medical examination. Note also his family if anyone have history of diseases that can be decreased and can be fatal. Sometimes an illness can be reduced to children and or grandchildren.
8. Can be Controlled and Controlling
When wives do not act in accordance with what we want, speak well without emotion that the wife should do what we want and why. Vice versa, in which we can be criticized for his wife on the attitudes and behavior our family-oriented and well. To do this required a similar level or the degree to which husbands and Isti together in a solid leadership team. Not only husband and wife who became the leader just obedient-obedient only. Generally to be able to sort this type of girl that age is sepantar and equally smart.
9. Approval of Parents, Families, Friends And so on
Conjugal relationship must be supported by those oang around us ranging from parents, in-laws, friends, relatives, siblings, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and others. Emsional marriage without the support of people close to having a devastating effect on future relationships. Obviously if you have not received approval, you should be able to speak well to defend your arguments.
Maybe that’s all I can tell for now on this Organisasi.Org site, approximately apologize and thank you.


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