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Why Does My Computer Run Slow When Surfing The Internet?

This is a huge question, especially since the Internet is a big part of our daily lives.

There are so many things on the internet that we need like email, videos, search engines, personal financial transaction, and other cool stuff. And because we have so much tied in to the internet there is so many files and traffic so this can become a pain if your computer is running slow. The big three issues that may slow your computer performance are the following: RAM memory and CPU memory, browser cache, and hardware problems.


When there becomes little to none RAM or CPU memory left, then your computer can not do anything- “its hands are tied” you have reached the limit!… that’s why it’s important to weed out programs in your computer system that you do not require. Such as programs exist inside the Auto-Start feature our computers. These programs steal your computer system resources.There are some legitimate background programs such as anti virus and firewall which you require daily. However it’s important to stay on top of the items which you do not.


Brower cache- is a fancy word for storage- it keeps the internet running faster and also allows servers to run smoothly. In the old days of ” DIAL UP” internet service of the (1990’s) and still today… the cache file was used by programmers as a special storage area which would allow you to visit a website page and download a file or image off the internet such as a picture. So if you revisit the same webpage you would not have to wait long periods of time to download the same item (picture).

Your computer copies the picture via the Browser Cache. Essentially because you already have a copy. A problem occurs when the larger your chache files becomes, the slower your computer reacts- ultimatly slower internet usage due to several if not millions of files used.


You could experience slow internet because you have a problems with a DSL or cable server Provider- a good idea could be to contact the service provider. But also practice due diligence by checking your modem each time. Then call the cable provider if that does not work.


1. Check processes running the Task Manager
2. Clear browser cache and cookies.
3. Reboot your Cable/ DSL Modem

1. Check the stats of the programs that run daily in you “Task Manager” files – of your computer. Just the other day I was developing some cool art work in photoshop. I decided to check my email, and review my work idea. I pulled up my web browser to discover that my browser was moving very slow. I discovered that photo shop was basically using all of my CPU usage- in photoshop, but soon as I closed Photoshop and my computer started to run faster.

2. Clear out your browser cache and also clear your cookies- your cookies are saved inside the cache file every 30 to 90 days. These files are very temporary items which should be cleared, and this process will get your browser working very fast. Cancel these items from your start-up menu options to “freed up” resources for searching the internet.

3. Reboot your cable and DSL modem – The easy way to reboot your modem is to unplug the modem from the power outlet for five to fifteen minutes, to clean out any static electricity… Then plug the cable back inside- once rebooted the process will run faster and call us your service provider about any system problems you experience.

In summary, the biggest area in which most of us have issues such as slow internet access consist of the list I have provided above. Please take time to review watch one as they are persistent problems which we all face. If you can resolve these issues on your own perhaps lots of time, money, and frustration can be saved.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Jason_Joseph_Simmons_II

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6478494

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